Friends, old and new

We survived Memorial Day weekend! A three-day chill-fest for most, but a busy time for Camp Hosts. Even though we’ve only been on the job for about two weeks now, nothing came along that our team couldn’t handle. We worked hard, our customers played hard, the sun shone and a good time was had by … Continue reading Friends, old and new

Outdoor School – April 24th

Shifting from one cold foot to the other, I watch a pack of middle school boys push, tumble and climb over each other in an attempt to balance on a thick wire strung between two trees. Despite all my best efforts, they stopped listening to me several minutes ago, and I lack the motivation to … Continue reading Outdoor School – April 24th

Snow Stories

Drifting down on a northwestern wind, the billowing cloud settles soundlessly on the valley while you sleep. In February, one becomes accustomed to the nonstop sound of rain in its hundred various intensities, so the silence is enough to pull you awake in the early morning hours. You open your eyes to see snow falling … Continue reading Snow Stories