Local + Nomad

Adventure is home.

I grew up learning and playing in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. No matter how far I’ve traveled, I am always excited to return to familiar trails. I love where I live. There is joy in creating a sense of place through the seasons and the years, and no matter how well I think I know my home, I’ve found there is always more to discover.

In June of 2016, my boyfriend and I quit our jobs, built a Tiny House inside a cargo trailer, loaded up the dogs and took off to see the country. During our four month road trip, we fell in love with living tiny and decided to keep going! The PNW is home, so we rolled up our sleeves and started creating opportunities to be nomadic in our own backyard. This blog is a journal of our adventures, a collection of my writing and hopefully an inspiration for anyone else who wants to be a Lomad in their own backyard.

Currently, we are Campground Hosts at a Portland General Electric campground on the Clackamas river in Oregon.

I love to hear from both locals and nomads, so follow me on Instagram, Facebook or send an email and say hello!



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