August Updates


Found some Zen rocks on one of my paddling trips


Only three weeks left of summer!! Initiate panic mode!

Summer is basically a time warp. It never feels long enough, yet looking back, I’m pretty sure I spent most of it wishing the days would go by faster so I could get to my days off. No matter how much I do during the summer, it never feels like enough. As the days get shorter I get restless, my mind racing with all the things I still want to do. Some of this probably from a deeply ingrained assumption that school will be starting soon. I wonder how many more years it will take before that feeling goes away?

I was excited to live in this part of Oregon for a while and it has not disappointed! Camping all summer has been a blast. Because we were so close to our hometown, friends and family were able to join us for lots of summer fun. We’ve been paddle boarding, kayaking, hiking, and of course camping! I even squeezed in a trip to Alaska, more on that later. Its been a pleasure to work with wonderful folks from across the country who are pursuing the nomad dream. We’ve gotten to know many wonderful locals as well. In a town this small, you quickly get to know everyone sitting on the stools at the local taproom. 

I’ve also been lucky enough to have the time to train for my second 50k trail race this year. Its been a pleasure to get to know the trails, mountains and streams that fill the Clackamas River valley. Before this summer it was just a blank spot on my mental map, now I’m happy to say I know it pretty well.

We have no immediate plans once this job ends. Nick and I are both filling our free time with searching for work and new places to live in the trailer. Not sure whats next, but I’m excited for whatever it is that comes our way! In the mean time, I’m looking forward to my days off so we can get in a few more adventures before the summer ends.

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