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Do you want to spend time outside, but find the cost of clothes and supplies to be prohibitive? Do you long to take Insta-worthy selfies in beautiful places, but think you need a small trust fund to get started? Well there’s a new brand in town and it is here to get you to where you want to go!

Introducing: Used Gear!!!

Used Gear is dedicated to the idea that there is more than one way to get outside. Other brands will try to convince you that their shiny new gadgets and obsessively engineered fabrics are the only way to have a good time in nature. UG is here to rewrite that narrative.

These products are exactly the same as what the other guys are selling, except they’ve been used before. This enables UG to offer brand names, as well as brands you’ve never heard of, at rock bottom prices.

Some examples include the Hiking is Really Just Walking line, featuring those cargo pants we all wore in the 90’s. With plenty of pockets and the highly sought after khaki color, these pants are perfect for the typical one-weekend-per-month warrior who wants to get out and do some walking. For hotter weather, this line features any shorts that are comfortable and don’t chafe.

Maybe you’re more of the active type? Take a look at UG’s Cotton Is Fine t-shirts. These shirts are perfect for a gym class, a quick jog or spending the day at the park. The pieces in this line have been sourced directly from that charity 5k you ran one time, the office softball team you were forced to join and that one relative who has no idea what size clothing you actually wear but still gets you something every Christmas. UG has reached unprecedented levels of personalization with this design because UG understands that these shirts are already in your closet, just waiting for you to get going!

UG’s innovation doesn’t stop at clothing. UG is excited to announce a new division they’re calling Borrowed Gear, launching Fall 2017! This line specifically focuses on getting you to try new things by asking to borrow another person’s gear. Bikes, backpacks, tents, climbing gear, skis and snowboards are all potentially available. Prices start as low as splitting the cost of gas and top out at one six pack of beer per borrow!   

UG’s products work just as well as anything else under average circumstances and are guaranteed to beat not doing anything at all. You can find Used Gear in a variety of retail establishments including vintage stores, thrift stores, yard sales and the occasional local outdoor gear retailer. Borrowed Gear will be available soon in select friend’s houses near you!

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