Unfinished Thoughts on Privilege

I have called the Sheriff three times this summer. The first of these incidents was the worst and has bothered me ever since it happened. It involved a homeless person who tried on several occasions to get a free night’s stay the campground. They harassed the other hosts, eventually coming into their site and screaming … Continue reading Unfinished Thoughts on Privilege

How to Camp in a Campground

Its summer time, and nothing says summer like packing up and heading out into the woods. The following is a guide to help make sure you and all your friends have a great time. First of all, never plan ahead. Summer is more fun when you’re being spontaneous! If your significant other is less keen … Continue reading How to Camp in a Campground

#vanlife will solve all your problems

A few days ago, I was scrolling Instagram when a picture caught my eye. Posted by a certain popular outdoor women’s group, this picture featured a certain type of girl on top of a certain type of mountain that was clearly located in a certain US state that also happens to be an island. Leggings, … Continue reading #vanlife will solve all your problems

This Blog Is Brought To You By…

Do you want to spend time outside, but find the cost of clothes and supplies to be prohibitive? Do you long to take Insta-worthy selfies in beautiful places, but think you need a small trust fund to get started? Well there’s a new brand in town and it is here to get you to where … Continue reading This Blog Is Brought To You By…